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We only deliver to private individuals, never to companies or corporations, because of the nature of our service.

Order overview

Daily self-help program "15Minutes4Me" - 1 month €55
Total €55 (incl. VAT)

Attention: The program is only available in the following languages: Dutch, English and French (Not yet in Spanish)

What do you get with the purchase?

This computer program offers you:

  1. Daily 15 minutes of personalized self-help online
  2. Weekly videos with explanation, theory and tips by a doctor
  3. Weekly new practical exercises
  4. Weekly short, simple assignments
  5. Weekly charts with your progress
  6. Weekly evaluation with report for your doctor
  7. Weekly guided support by a support figure, if you want : family, partner, friend

What do you have to do?

  1. Register now with this form
  2. Paying by PayPal, credit card or debit card
  3. Login via the link in the email you will receive or with your account
  4. Follow the program for 15 minutes daily until you feel good and satisfied

What right do I buy when I pay for one month's access?

You pay for an access fee to follow the program for 1 month (or more if you purchase more than one month). This gives you the right to follow the programme as we offer it, in the order in which we offer it, because according to our scientific research this gives you the best results. This does NOT give you the right to share the content, texts or videos or to use them after this period.

How does this program work?

Our online program helps you:

  1. devising new solutions.
  2. try out which choices help you and which do not.
  3. practise the best solutions until they are ingrained habits or automatisms.
  4. anchor habits until you can prevent recurrence yourself.

So that you will again:

  1. be satisfied and enjoy your life.
  2. be able to help others around you and make them happy.
  3. live the way you want.

Average stress reduction:

  • 27% after one week
  • 37% after two weeks
  • more than 56% after three weeks!

Practically this means that after several weeks you:

  1. will be more optimistic and energetic
  2. will think more solution-oriented
  3. will deal with difficulties in a different way
  4. will be less tense
  5. can better put things into perspective
  6. can find better solutions by yourself
  7. will think more clearly
  8. will hear from others that you react differently